The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), still in surprise from the epic glory of the game's quickest format, launched the Indian Premier League after India won the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 Championship in 2008. (IPL). The IPL has grown to become the second-largest annual cricket event in the world after eleven years, surpassing the Cricket World Cups. Thanks to this new era of franchise cricket, the Indian national cricket team has been able to reestablish itself as one of the world's top cricketing nations (not that it never was). As a result, $15 billion in annual revenue comes from fantasy cricket applications. 

With their fantasy cricket games, new players have flooded the market over the previous four years. Exchange22, one of the many widely accessible and quickly expanding fantasy apps in India, is the best one.

Exchange22 : The best fantasy cricket application

The first fantasy cricket application designed specifically for the sports of basketball, kabaddi, football, and cricket is known as Exchange22. The best India Fantasy App for cricket is this one. The platform is unique because it offers a virtual, real-time gaming environment. Additionally, it incorporates key aspects of stock market trading, allowing users to buy and sell player shares in a manner similar to how stocks are traded on the exchange. Users can buy any number of shares in a player before the real-time match begins, up to a maximum of 22 players per global transaction.

Exchange22 works hard to be the best sports fantasy application, providing you with a reliable, secure, and safe gaming environment. Because we value and respect your privacy, you can be sure that any Personal Information you give Exchange22 will be handled responsibly and securely. Your name, email address, or any other personal information that is available on this website or related to how you use the Portal will not be given, distributed, traded, sold, rented, or sold by these fantasy cricket apps.

Exchange of Information Security

All Exchange22 users have given their consent to the use of sensitive personal data as well as other personal data. To assist users in setting up accounts on the Exchange22 Portal, Exchange22 collects particular user information from social networks like Facebook and middlemen like Google. Exchange22 stores the information it has gathered in its database and makes it available in the User's Profile section of the Exchange22 Portal in order to identify a User.

Users of this India fantasy app must complete the registration process by providing all the requested information in order to access the features and services that are easily accessible through the Portal and to prove their identity.

In specific circumstances, they may collect sensitive personal information from you on the Portal, including details of the payment method(s) used by users to make such payments, such as the cardholder's name, credit card or debit card number (in encrypted form), in addition to an expiration date, banking information, wallet information, and so forth. This information is provided to you at the time of purchase to assist you in completing your payment as quickly as possible. Exchange22 does not gather any other sensitive personal information while providing the Services, with the exception of the financial information you choose to provide when paying for any Services on the Portal. Use Exchange22, the top fantasy sports app in India, to trade.

Data Protection on Exchange22

When announcing the winners of any competitions held on the Portal, Exchange22 may use your name, photograph, Login ID, and the state from which you are taking part. The rules for any contest of this type will be posted on the Portals as soon as they are announced on any Website. For market research and advertising purposes,'s traffic is periodically analysed and surveyed. Exchange22 may on occasion disseminate your registration information to authorised market research and advertising businesses.

Exchange22 may use your name, photograph, Login ID, and the state from which you are participating when announcing the results of any contests held on the Portal. Terms and conditions governing such contests will be published on the Portals as soon as they are announced on any Website. The traffic to is frequently analysed and surveyed for market research and advertising purposes. In order to achieve the planned approach of fantasy cricket application, Exchange22 may on occasion share your registration information with specific market research and advertising businesses.